Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Interview with Adam dyck

We've got the next big thing in music here tonight, folks, so listen up! Adam and Kyle from Adam dyck are taking a break from their hectic touring schedule to chat with Lynn Franklin for a while before their show in Albuquerque.

Lynn: You guys seem to have come out of nowhere and onto the national spotlight. You even did touring in Japan! What has this been like for you?

Kyle: Wicked awesome! I love traveling, so when this tour idea was brought up, I jumped on board the party express all the way to Japan.

Lynn: Your EP Two or One has had great reviews in magazines like Rolling Stone and Maxim. Any plans for another new release?

Adam: Well, we're in the middle of recording No Big Deal, it should be out around April...ish. We thought about signing a record deal with Island, they seemed really into our vision, but we decided to stay independent for now. Keep your eyes peeled for a signing, though!

Kyle: Yeah.

Lynn: Any other big plans in the immediate future?

Adam: I've always wanted to do a live album, that would be great.

Kyle: I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I'm planning on getting married. Stay tuned for more info.

Adam: Oh, I'm also working on a side project with The Edge [of U2 fame], that's going to be exciting.

Kyle: Well, our set's about to start, so we'd better run!

Adam: Smell you later!